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Recording User Activity

Indexing And Quick Search

    Zoomaya monitors the user’s actions using brand new state of the art technology, without the need of installing it on endpoints. The monitoring is being done continuously on short intervals. The data is collected from the user’s browser four times per second and contains all change the user has made. The monitoring includes all possible actions: mouse movement, scrolling, changes in page, text writing, marking checkboxes, menus opening and screen resolution changes. As the monitoring is being done from all endpoints, the user’s activity can be seen from all sorts of devices, such as computers, tablets, cellphones etc. The monitoring allows the investigator to see all user’s activity, from the moment he opens the browser until he exists. With all the information extracted by Zoomaya the investigator can understand the whole process done by the user, quickly and clearly. Zoomaya lets you understand problems faster and easier, investigate events, and saves time and resources.
    By indexing the data Zoomaya simplifies the problem of searching a specific string from the event. The investigator can search up specific details such as access to certain files, ID number and much more. (Who touched which customer / ID card / policy / account number and when) The search is being done simply and efficiently. The relevant results show up fast, ordered by the action and time. The results contain all the important information such as the username, Ip address, and a link to play out the specific event’s recording. The ability to play out the event’s recording helps the investigator understand the process done by the user, and thus get a bigger picture of the event in a short time. Zoomaya shortens the investigation time from few days to few minutes. We help you save money, time, and resources.
    Can use every data used to monitor, as the data is monitored by analyzing it not as raw video. Smart rules engine which lets you set customized processes and alerts

Rule Engine And Alerts